For years SAA has been the leading airline in Africa, both in perception and in delivery. However, in recent years, the airline had shied away from making seemingly boastful statements.
For this project, the request was to create a Brand Film to be flighted at the annual Tourism Indaba.
The challenge was still on the table, and so we chose to not pat the airline on the back, but rather imbue meaning and purpose to their pay-off-line, and tell the story of genuine Africans by asking, “What does it mean to be African?”
We told the story of the airline that carries the dreams of Africans to the world, and how the realization of those dreams grows Africa; the perfect answer to an airline that claims to be the catalyst for African growth. Our response was so well received and so acutely articulated that the Brand Film was turned into a global above-the-line campaign.

Carrier of Dreams Radio Advertisement

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