Hello! We’re CUB3D,
an integrated brand marketing consultancy located in Johannesburg.


We are multi-disciplinary communication specialists.
We create memorable and effective brand communication and experiences.

As an Integrated Brand Marketing Consultancy our focus is on ensuring that clients achieve their commercial objectives as well as earn their place in consumer’s hearts.

CUB3D was born from a need to redefine the communication landscape and add more value to clients by providing solutions that are led by intelligence, rather than medium.

Led by an experienced marketer and brand specialist who has worked on some of the world’s best brands, the Consultancy delivers Strategy, Branding & Design,
TTL Communications, Experiential Marketing, Brand Engagement, Interior Design, Packaging,
Event Design & Management,
Brand Activations, Production Management & Implementation, and Project Management.

We believe in facts that deliver magic and magic that shifts facts.


What we believe in

Experiences form the basis of all human relationships with other people and with the world around us.
We believe this is the same for brands. Great brands make lasting impressions on us as a result of continual, positive moments of interaction.
These experiences influence satisfaction, build loyalty, and create emotional attachment.
The customer is at the centre of the idea. We place intense focus on the consumer’s needs to ensure that the response to the client’s challenge is led by an insight that will connect and result in change.
Connecting the dots between every consumer touch-point creates cohesion and enables consumers to truly connect with the brand in a meaningful and long-term way.

We believe in asking pertinent questions.
We believe in exploring numerous answers.
We believe business is personal.
We believe in integration.
We believe in keeping the ladder steady for anyone who is ready to climb up.
We believe in purpose-led brands.
We believe in redefining experiences.
We believe that communication can affect the balance sheet and affect organizational legacy.
We believe in people.
We are CUB3D.


With more than 20 years of communication industry experience across all sectors, Nana Nkosi is the Strategic Founder and Managing Director of CUB3D.


Founder & Managing Director

Nana chose to leave a mark in the world of Integrated Brand Marketing by being at the helm of delivering meaningful, smart and creative Communication.

Having garnered experience over 20 years of experience at some of the world’s leading Branding Agencies, she started CUB3D with a belief – to add value by using facts to create magic and creating magic that impacts the facts. Her previous roles include Head of Client of Service at Enterprise IG (now The Brand Union) and HKLM, Managing Director of Yellowwood Future Architects and Interbrand SA. Her expertise centred in Brand Management, Brand Strategy, Creative Development, Implementation and Business Development.

With an acute appreciation for thoroughly Integrated work that is derived from sound strategy and business objectives, she’s worked on a diverse portfolio ranging from FMCG, Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Parastatal organisations, Financial Services, Airlines, Furniture Retail, Pharmaceutical and Mining Refinement.

Unmistakable and unforgettable Nana inspires the CUB3D team to create Integrated Communication that creates change for clients and consumers.


We ensure that we understand your business strategy and objectives as well as marketing strategy.
This keeps us honest, so we know when to say no and constantly question the relevance of everything we create.

The people you deal with are empowered to make decisions. We don’t have to wait for someone in a different time zone to make decisions.

We need you to win.
We’re small enough to treat each of our clients as the big fish, because when you grow, we grow.

We’re not experts in everything, so we’ve formed strong collaborative relationships with various companies to help us deliver the best idea in its best form.

We are as interested as we are interesting. We are constantly learning and asking questions so that we can have better conversations for you and with you.


We are led by intelligence, not by the medium. We believe that the solution (the magic) has to come from the strategy (the facts). We pride ourselves on being able to tailor-make solutions for our clients and provide them with the most appropriate and uncompromised response to their challenge in optimal time.   

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People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.

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The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers.

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Branding is about so much more than what people see. It's about how you make people feel.


We are interesting because we stay interested. These are some of our favourite design & communication pieces from around the world. 


South African Airways unveils A330 cabin designs

South African Airways has revealed the cabin designs for its widebody fleet of new A330-300 aircraft. The two-class interiors build on the brand identity and design language that its design consultants  developed for the airline’s short-haul fleet in 2014.


South African Airways (SAA), the national flag carrier of South Africa and Africa’s most awarded airline, has been honored with three Magellan Awards for 2016 from Travel Weekly


Do a search for the world’s most famous landmarks, and you’ll find an endless stream of photos captured by tourists from all kinds of angles. But the photos you’ll find probably don’t look like photographer Oliver Curtis‘ images.


The ‘King Arthur, Round Swing Table’ is the latest table set by furniture company Duffy London and it will probably inject some fun into your next office meeting.


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